Proposal for consideration at IACA GM in September


There are three proposals to be put to the IACA General Meeting in early September at Garda. The exact date of the meeting is still to be confirmed.


  1. To improve the legal and financial operations of IACA by changing the Constitution to relocate the IACA.
  2. To delete Championship Rule 16 which will then allow the use of electronic communications at World and European Championships. The AIADCA has previously sponsored this change and we will bring us in line with the current practice in most World Sailing Classes and the RRS.   
  3. For the World Presidents  to endorse a Class Rule to change Class Rules E.3 and E.4 that would then be put to individual members for a world-wide ballot.

We are seeking your view on these proposals, in particular Proposal 3. Please consider, and if you have an opinion or any insights  please email the class president Paul Neeskens.

Links to docs associated with above proposals are below.

Comments from Measurer John Dowling